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Understanding your kittens development stages will help you define the best time to train and educate them. As your kitten grows, so do their nutritional needs. Providing the right nutrition is key for healthy development from kittenhood all the way to adulthood.
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2 months

At 2 months old, your kitten is still very much adjusting to their surroundings. When bringing your kitten home for the first time, you will need to be caring, gentle and patient. Your kitten will slowly adjust to their new home and will want to explore.
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4 months

When your kitten gets to 4 months old, their growth rate starts to slow down, but their energy and activity levels will increase. With developing bones, growing muscles, and emerging adult teeth, it’s important to give your kitten the right nutrition.
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6 months

Your kitten will be much bigger and stronger and start to feel more independent. It’s important to give your kitten some space, so they can become more confident in their surroundings. Continue to bond with your cat and play games with them.
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12 months

At 12 months, your kitten is now an adult and their needs will differ based on their lifestyle and breed. Remember to transition to adult food at the right time. During this adult stage, it’s important to keep an eye on your cats’ weight, especially for indoor cats. Cats can put weight on quickly, so be sure to keep your cat active by playing with them.

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