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What is the best food for Dalmatians?

The Dalmatian is a breed that stands out for all the right reasons. Their unique, spotted coats are complemented by their friendly nature which has made them a popular family pet over the years. Dalmatians are usually very active and need a high-energy, high-quality diet to keep them at their best. The best dog food for Dalmatians needs to not only support their energetic streak but should also help reduce the risk of them experiencing some of the health problems the breed has a tendency to suffer from.


Maintaining Urinary Health

Dalmatians have a slightly different urinary biology compared to other dog breeds. This difference means their bodies find it hard to process a particular type of protein called purines. When a Dalmatian consumes purines, unlike other dogs, they are predisposed to developing crystals and stones in their bladders and kidneys.

ROYAL CANIN®'s Dalmatian diet helps maintain urinary health in your Dalmatian by including an adapted protein content which avoids high levels of purines.  


Best Dog Food For Dalmatians


Keeping the Heart Healthy

The Dalmatian breed can be prone to developing heart conditions. A little additional support from their diet helps maintain a healthy heart. This is why our diet includes increased levels of the amino acid taurine, as well as the omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA which work together to help keep the heart's muscle at its healthiest.


Supporting Healthy skin

Dalmatians have a tendency to suffer from allergies and other skin conditions more than most breeds. They can also be prone to inflamed hair follicles which can sometimes lead to hair discolouration known as “Dalmatian Bronzing Syndrome”. However, a lot of these issues can be reduced simply by giving them a diet that reinforces the barrier role of their skin. ROYAL CANIN®'s Dalmatian Diet includes increased levels of certain vitamins and amino acids that combine to improve the structure of the skin and help overcome allergens and infections. EPA and DHA are also added to reduce inflammation in the skin.


Making it easier to eat 


Dalmatian Dog Food


Dalmatians have longer muzzles than a lot of other breeds, which can make it a bit harder for them to pick up and chew an ordinary piece of kibble. This is why our Dalmatian kibble has been specially designed with a particular shape that not only makes it easier for them to pick up their food, it also encourages the dog to chew properly before swallowing, which helps digestion.

At ROYAL CANIN®, we know that every breed has specific needs that a diet can help support. If you'd like to know more about our Dalmatian diet, visit the Dalmatian page on our Healthy Pet's website.


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