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Puppy Carers Needed

Do you love dogs? Then think about volunteering to be a puppy carer. Seeing Eye Dogs Australia is urgently seeking loving homes for puppies across Melbourne and Geelong.

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The Seeing Eye Dog Journey

seda journey caring

Puppy caring

From eight weeks of age, SEDA puppies are placed with volunteer puppy carers. They live with their carer for around a year, being socialised and learning basic obedience, house manners, eating and toileting on command, and how to walk on a lead in a relaxed manner.

Every carer is supported by a SEDA puppy development officer, who pays regular visits to provide guidance and training for puppies and their carers.

seda journey training


Every Seeing Eye Dog undergoes an advanced training program that takes about six months. SEDA's specialist staff help each dog learn all the skills they need to help guide someone through their daily life. A lot of this training happens on the streets in real life conditions - because that's where these dogs will do most of their work.

As training progresses, the handlers even run sessions wearing a blindfold - to assess how well each dog is taking instruction and determine if they're ready to graduate to the next stage.

seda journey working


Once a dog has graduated from the SEDA training program, it's time to train their new handler. Successful applicants are paired with their dog and undergo a combined training course at the Seeing Eye Dog centre in Kensington, Melbourne or in their home town or city.

Training takes three or four weeks before the new team graduate, but SEDA instructors keep in regular contact for the first year or so, just to make sure everything's going well. Normally, Seeing Eye Dogs have a working life with their handler until they are about 10 years of age.

seda journey breeding


The breeding stage is considered one of the most important processes of successfully producing high quality, healthy and intelligent working dogs. Breeding dogs are specially selected, and have to pass health assessments, to produce puppies that will inherit desirable qualities and characteristics, including good health.

SEDA wouldn't be able to even begin their important work without breeder dogs and their handlers.

quote mina magelakis
Since we started working with Seeing Eye Dogs Australia in 2006, we have supplied more than 200,000 tonnes of super premium dog food to help these remarkable animals through their breeding and training programs. We look forward to continuing our partnership with SEDA and hope to raise awareness of the invaluable role they play in providing the gift of independence for a person who is blind or has low vision.

Dr Mina Magelakis | Veterinarian, ROYAL CANIN®

There are currently 221 SEDA dogs giving a person who is blind or has low vision the gift of independence all over Australia. But for every person who has one of our dogs, there’s also another person waiting to receive a Seeing Eye Dog. It’s through donations from the public and sponsors, like ROYAL CANIN®, that enables a person who is blind or has low vision to start their incredible journey with one of our Seeing Eye Dogs.

Dr Nicola Cotton | Veterinarian, SEDA

quote nicola cotton

SEDA's donation dogs

Meet the Seeing Eye Dogs Australia Donation Dogs. These Dogs didn’t go on to being Seeing Eye Dogs for various reasons, but they still have a vital role to play. The Donation Dogs all have paywave EFTPOS machines on the back of their coats. When you see one out in public, simply 'pat & tap'. Give the dog a pat and tap your credit card to support the incredible journey of another Seeing Eye Dog.


Three different seda journeys

seda owners shelley evan

Shelley & Evan

Shelley and Evan began their journey together in 2015. Shelley was born with bilateral optic nerve atrophy, a condition that has slowly been reducing her ability to see. She finds shapes hard to discern properly and has difficulty moving around by herself. Before Evan arrived, Shelley was reliant on a cane. “Evan has brought back the life I used to know” Shelley says. “I get out a lot more now. I’m not afraid to try exploring new things. It’s the best thing that could happen to me in every way. He’s my best mate.”

seda sponsored maxi

Our first sponsored seeing eye dog – Maxi

ROYAL CANIN® started supporting SEDA in 2006 by providing the food for Maxi while he was a puppy and being trained. Maxi is still working today, guiding his handler who lives in Maribyrnong in Victoria. Maxi shares his home with his handler, his handler’s partner and her own Seeing Eye Dog, Olympia. The household is also home to a number of cats. Maxi continues to be the quiet, laid back dog that he was when he graduated from SEDA.

seda owners joan hillsy

Joan & Hillsy

Hillsy has been guiding Joan on their journey since 2009, helping her navigate her way through public transport, elevators and busy streets. Joan has only limited vision in one eye and Hillsy helps enable her to be a volunteer at Seeing Eye Dogs Australia, working in the office and giving talks to promote the organisation. The bond between dog and handler is strong. “His love and care is amazing. I don’t know how many vision impaired people live by themselves, but I do so I talk to him all day and he is my best mate.”

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